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Evening recce in the Trough of Bowland

Last night I joined a few my dad’s fell running clubmates in the Trough of Bowland on a recce of a race they are hosting at the Hodder Valley Show this weekend. It was a beautiful clear evening and although a little soggy underfoot in parts, very runnable. Hopefully the good weather will hold and […]

Sakura Run

The sakura cherry blossoms were in full bloom throughout Hiroshima on a beautiful spring day today. After a late start I spent most of the day (5hrs 30min) on a long (37km) trail run. It was lovely to running in such perfect conditions, but I was quite jealous of all the groups enjoying hanami parties […]

Signs of spring

Walking down through the torii gates on Futaba-yama on another unseasonably warm February afternoon, I noticed some flashes of pink off to the side of the forest path.

Ocho Mikan

I was back in the Akinada islands for the second time in as many weeks, doing more research for a new map project on which GetHiroshima is doing some consulting. I had a great mooch around the little port town of Ocho (大長) which is best known for its delicious mikan oranges. I took nearly […]

The Orangerie

Went to The Orangerie to see Monet’s giant water lilly canvases bathed in natural light, just as the artist intended. Saw a lot of this   and this     but, mostly this   Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous

Another blue as blue sky can be afternoon at the Family Pool.

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous Read more about Hiroshima’s Family Pool here on

We are not the only ones who are ready for summer…

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous After a bit of a brutal rainy season, the first cicada (I’ve seen) of the summer.

Obake jinbei

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous Summer in Japan is the season for ghost stories, jinbei and seeking out high powered air conditioning in shopping malls.

1 June 2010 @ 4pm

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Now that’s what I call banana bread

On the way back from the Unity Dub beach party last weekend we stopped at a highway rest stop (can’t remember which one – it was between Himeji and Hiroshima somewhere) that seemed to offer all kinds of “special products”. One of which was this hyper-realistic banana shaped banana bread. They also had realistic looking […]

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