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Discarded beauty on Route 255

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous Discarded sake cup seen in the gutter on the road to Azuma-yama for the Hiba-yama Skyline Run. The characters “美人” mean “beautiful woman”.

Kagura action figures

At Hongo rest stop on the Chugoku Expressway – a morning set with salmon, fried egg, salad, miso soup, pickles and all you can eat rice for a mere ¥550. Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous

Even truckers love kittens

Struggling with an injury that has put paid to this winter’s marathon plans, but unwilling to sacrifice the aerobic conditioning that I have built up through marathon (over)training, I was back on the bike last weekend. It’s quite chilly here in Hiroshima, but with a wind jacket, some ridiculous looking cycling tights and some shiny […]

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