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My short-lived TV career

Yesterday I spent the day helping out with a shoot for TV travel program. Although I’ll only appear in a small segment of the show, it took a full day to shoot, but that’s the way these things go. I’m not a big fan of TV and have always had very mixed feelings about being […]

My longest 5 Finger run so far

Yesterday, I completed my longest run so far in a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes; 28km run mostly over local trails in Treksports. After the previous day’s 36km sakura run over much of the same ground in my more orthodox Montrail Streaks, my feet felt like they were in heaven. At about twice the […]

Sakura Run

The sakura cherry blossoms were in full bloom throughout Hiroshima on a beautiful spring day today. After a late start I spent most of the day (5hrs 30min) on a long (37km) trail run. It was lovely to running in such perfect conditions, but I was quite jealous of all the groups enjoying hanami parties […]

Signs of spring

Walking down through the torii gates on Futaba-yama on another unseasonably warm February afternoon, I noticed some flashes of pink off to the side of the forest path.

Ocho Mikan

I was back in the Akinada islands for the second time in as many weeks, doing more research for a new map project on which GetHiroshima is doing some consulting. I had a great mooch around the little port town of Ocho (大長) which is best known for its delicious mikan oranges. I took nearly […]

Hiroshima Jin Daigaku Trail Run

Today’s Hiroshima Jin University trail run class was a great success. The weather was beautiful (I got a bit of a sunburn) and the autumn colors at Mitaki were stunning. Thanks to class leader Eiko Nishida for coming all the way down from Tokyo to inspire a group of 9 trail novices. We had a […]

Another blue as blue sky can be afternoon at the Family Pool.

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous Read more about Hiroshima’s Family Pool here on

Roy Orbison lives… In Ushita

This “non-traditional” performance at our neighborhood summer festival is actually just the kind of thing you come to expect to see at Japanese festivals. I should say, however, that it was followed by a local Japanese taiko drum group with a tiny little old lady dressed us as Ebisu. Download now or watch on posterous […]

We are not the only ones who are ready for summer…

Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous After a bit of a brutal rainy season, the first cicada (I’ve seen) of the summer.

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