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Hiroshima Jin Daigaku Trail Run

Today’s Hiroshima Jin University trail run class was a great success. The weather was beautiful (I got a bit of a sunburn) and the autumn colors at Mitaki were stunning. Thanks to class leader Eiko Nishida for coming all the way down from Tokyo to inspire a group of 9 trail novices. We had a […]

Kagura action figures

At Hongo rest stop on the Chugoku Expressway – a morning set with salmon, fried egg, salad, miso soup, pickles and all you can eat rice for a mere ¥550. Posted via email from littleforeigner’s posterous

CENTRO Spring Party

CENTRO is a local Japanese language web magazine. It’s a nicely put together group blog on which contributors introduce a lot music, fashion and design type stuff that captures their eyes as well as examples of their own photography, video work and music. They also publish some nice vignettes. Last night was the CENTRO Spring […]

Snapshot Hiroshima 3.20

I’ve posted a little about the Hiroshima Jin University project before. Tomorrow is our “Open Campus”. The class I’m leading is “Modern Hiroshima to the world via the web” or words to that effect. I prefer to call it the “Snapshot Hiroshima 3.20” project. Basically, we are going to wander around the city center in […]