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7 October 2012 @ 10am


Hasetsune Gear


Salomon 12 liter Skinpack
1.5 liters water in bladder
2 bottles of premixed Hammer Perpetuem (Cafe Latte Flavor)
One bag of Perpetuem powder to mix at the 42km check point (the only aid station on the course – limited to 1.5l water per runner)
24 Hammer electrolyte tablets
12 Hammer anti-fatigue tablets
3 Hammer energy surge tablets
3 Hammer electrofizz tablets (for last stages to mix with spring water)
3 GU Roctane gels (Chocolate Rasberry)
2 Black Diamond Storm headlamps with lithium batteries
Spare batteries
Arm sleeves
Rain jacket
Medical kit
Spare contact lenses
Emergency blanket

It is raining and cool this morning so will likely add merino long sleeve and waterproof legs in case of becoming immobilized at night.

Still trying to decide wether to carry trekking poles or not.

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