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9 April 2011 @ 10pm

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Sakura Run

The sakura cherry blossoms were in full bloom throughout Hiroshima on a beautiful spring day today. After a late start I spent most of the day (5hrs 30min) on a long (37km) trail run. It was lovely to running in such perfect conditions, but I was quite jealous of all the groups enjoying hanami parties that I ran past. I did, however, take the time to stop and snap a few photos with my iPhone 3GS. Here are some of them (though, they do look a lot better on black like here). Details of the run are at the bottom of the post.

Sakura at the Peace Pagoda
Hiroshima Peace Pagoda

Sakura in Mitaki
Sakura in a Mitaki drainage ditch

OK, the last photo isn’t of sakura blossom, but I was very happy to find my way to the string of mountains behind Mitaki-yama and to get to the top of Maru-yama. Despite there being a giant white board erected off which to bounce TV signals, there is a fantastic view over Mitaki-yama of Hiroshima and the surrounding area. The iPhone couldn’t capture the great view, so I settled for a photo of two of the many magnolia flowers in bloom up there.

Also, I have feeling that finding the link to this trail has finally taken me to the “Hiroshima Alps” trail, which could open up the possibility of local 50km+ runs on trails without having to touch much road. Looking forward to getting back over there to explore more.



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9 April 2011 @ 11pm

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