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20 November 2010 @ 5pm

Hiroshima, Hiroshima Jin University, Mountains, Running

Hiroshima Jin Daigaku Trail Run

Today’s Hiroshima Jin University trail run class was a great success. The weather was beautiful (I got a bit of a sunburn) and the autumn colors at Mitaki were stunning. Thanks to class leader Eiko Nishida for coming all the way down from Tokyo to inspire a group of 9 trail novices.




We had a real range of participants; one complete beginner, a couple who had just run their first 5km at the Peace Marathon earlier this month, a few who run a few times a week, all the way up to a guy who had posted a very good time in his first full marathon recently. Most of the runners were forsaking the road for a trail for the first time, and in spite of the wide range of abilities the group worked very well together.

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