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29 March 2010 @ 12pm

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Ushita-yama offering tin and brushes

I run the mountain trail that runs above our neighborhood at least once a week, but last week I did something that I haven’t done in a long time; I walked. Strolling along the trail in the rain looking at the spring flowers was a perfect way to decompressing after a hard weekend which include the Hiroshima Jin University Open Campus and a bunch of DJing commitments.

The highest “peak” along the trail is Ushita-yama or Mt Ushita. At a diminutive 261.1m, it is probably better described as a hill, but the trail has a lot of sharp ups and downs that make it quite challenging and there are many older people who walk it regularly to stay in shape. The top offers some nice views south over the center of Hiroshima and out to the Inland Sea and there is often a group of elderly hikers drinking tea and chatting at the makeshift shelter I assume was put together by the people who also tend the small flowerbeds and generally keep the top of the mountain spick and span.

The picture above is of an offering tin placed below a small golden Buddhist statue located under the shelter. Taken with an iPhone using the Hipstamatic application. You can find an English language guide to hiking Ushita-yama here.

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